Central America: The Greatest Hits I am obsessed with Central America. I love the food. I love the people. I love the natural beauty, the laid-back living, and the simple joys of every day life. It’s the best place to unwind while you practice Spanish, volunteer, or engage in ecotourism. You can check out one of the pristine beaches or challenge yourself to hike to the peak of an active volcano (and then board down the other side!). Central America is a place that will surprise you with its charm,

Before practicing law, before becoming an attorney, and even before going to law school, I decided I needed a break from my routine. Having minored in Spanish because of my passion for working with Latin American populations, and with an insatiable wanderlust after my study abroad in Spain, I knew just how to quench my thirst for travel: leave America, move to Managua, and work for a non-profit. My Year in Managua, Nicaragua The year after college was one of the most magical times of my life. I made the

The Lawyer On Leave’s Bucket List Let’s be honest. Every travel blog needs a good bucket list, right? They may be trite, they even may be considered “basic” at this point, but they’re always so fun. And in my book, fun wins! Here’s my ever-growing list of travel musts: Explore Cuba Study Abroad Visit every country in Central America Backpack through Europe Share a kiss on top of the Eiffel Tour Go to the top of the world’s tallest building Ride a hot air ballon Hike the Camino de Santiago Visit

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