Engagement Photos in Cartagena, Colombia

Welcome to Cartagena

Cartagena’s historic center is a UNESCO World Heritage site and a photographer’s paradise—bougainvillea drips from colonial balconies, tropical plants fill lush gardens, and the city walls provide the perfect promenade to take in architectural beauty and ocean views. When we booked our vacation to Colombia, I knew this was the perfect opportunity to take our engagement photos in a unique yet timeless location. After scouring the internet and social media for some serious inspo and photographers in the region, I contacted MAT Fotografia and booked an engagement photo shoot.

Engagement Photos by MAT Fotografia

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I’m sharing thirty of my favorite engagement photos shot in Cartagena’s old town. Special thanks to our amazing hotel, Alfiz Hotel Boutique, for letting us take photos at the hotel. We loved our stay there! I hope these images give you a glimpse into the beauty, charm, and romance of this coastal colonial town and our very fun vacation.


I hope you enjoyed our photos! If you would like to see more, visit MAT Fotographia’s blog post on our engagement shoot. Also, if anyone has questions about taking their photos—engagement or otherwise—in a unique/far-away destination, I would be happy to share more about our experience. We had so much fun not only taking these photos but also getting to see the city with a local, and I highly recommend doing something that lets you make and capture holiday memories at the same time!

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