Today’s my wedding day! There’s a big white tent waiting for a night full of celebration at my childhood home, my bridesmaids are about to come over to get ready with me all day, and at 6:00 PM, I get to marry the love of my life. How fun! Today is just the coolest. We feel so loved that our friends and family have traveled from near and far to celebrate with us in our hometown, Murfreesboro, Tennessee. To welcome everyone and give them an idea of some fun things to do over

I just finished a whirlwind visit to Havana, Cuba, on a people-to-people educational exchange with the Nashville Bar Association and Cuba Cultural Travel. Any time you go to a new country, you want the perfect souvenir to bring home, and Cuba is no different—the difference lies in the issue that Cuba has been largely cut off to the majority of US travelers for the past half century. There is a definite element of mystique and wonder about Cuba and the items you can bring back home with you! Top 5 Souvenirs from Cuba Everyone talks

I love being from the South—Middle Tennessee, to be specific. Sweet tea and fireflies fill warm spring evenings that friends and family spend lounging on the porch. It’s a slower, beautiful time. It’s also a time where visitors flood into the tiny town of Bell Buckle, TN, for family-friendly fun at the RC Cola and Moon Pie Festival. The RC Cola and Moon Pie Festival The RC Cola and Moon Pie Festival is a salute to Royal Crown Cola and Moon Pies. The festivities kick off on Saturday—always the 3rd one in June—with

A thirty minute train ride from brings you to Howth, a quaint fishing village with seals, seafood, and a Sunday market. Find out the best way to spend a day exploring this charming town. Getting There What makes the perfect day trip? For one, ease of travel! From Connolly Station in Dublin, trains depart for Howth approximately every 15-30 minutes. Buy your ticket for under €5 and hop on the DART for a thirty minute scenic train ride to Howth. Seafood An island nation, Ireland boasts premium fresh seafood. To enjoy it in

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